[Video Tutorial] The Perfect Braided Cord Design Every Woman Will Love

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Learn how to make a strong, beautiful and unique cord, by watching this great video tutorial. Follow along and you will have the most amazing and creative crochet cord design.  This Crochet Braided Cord Tutorial, courtesy of  Sheruknittingcom, is a really fantastic pattern that is great looking and can be used as a belt, to make handles for bags, necklace, bracelet or even as a headband.


The interesting way of creating this braided crochet cord will make you love it… First you need to crochet a flat cord with the rings on its front, and then when you make your cord the desired length begin creating a nice braid texture of the ring simply by pulling each next one through the previous one. This crochet braided cord is very strong and perfect idea for belts, bangles, bag handles. The braid texture is only on the front of a cord. Thanks for watching!
Crochet hook #4 (US standard), 2.00 mm diameter. Thread specifications: 100% Cotton, 150m/50g.

Thanks to Sheruknittingcom for the article inspiration and featured image.

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