Crochet Stitches: [Video Tutorial] Learn A New Stitch: Abstract Crochet Cats Stitch

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What is an abstract cat?

Honestly, I don't know but whatever the answer is, these cats look fabulous!

I love this Abstract Crochet Cats Stitch by Crochet Geek, it looks like nothing I've seen before.

It's brilliant and so much fun!

Do you remember the counting sheep exercise?

The mental exercise used by some people as a means of lulling oneself to sleep?

Who needs sheep when one can have these gorgeous cats?


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 Learn A New Stitch: Abstract Crochet Cats Stitch
Via Crochet Geek

Get the Abstract Crochet Cats Stitch free pattern via Crochet Geek.

Crochet cat Stitch Blanket Pattern

For those who like video tutorials, here is a Crochet Cat Blanket / Beginner Friendly Tutorial courtesy of Sirin's Crochet to help you with learning this stitch…and to make a beautiful blanket!

Make a few of these for your cat-loving friends. You'll win their hearts forever! <3

Thanks to Crochet Geek and Sirin's Crochet for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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