[Video Tutorial] Cute Owl Granny Square With Big Googly Eyes

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Well, get ready to smile, because this cute crochet granny square is not only cute, it's funny too! These googly eyes really give personality to this granny. But if you don't have them, or don't like them, you can use something smaller, or maybe buttons instead.

[Video Tutorial] Cute Owl Granny Square With Big Googly Eyes
This tutorial is brilliant, I've been looking for a long time for an easy-to-make granny square with an owl in the center, and here it is! This granny is easy to make and fun to watch. It can be easily used to make a blanket or a pillow case, or even a purse. It is simply adorable.

Thanks to BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE  for the article inspiration and featured image

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11 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] Cute Owl Granny Square With Big Googly Eyes”

  1. There is a video tutorial for this pattern. Did not see a written pattern. Cute idea. Wonder if the googly eyes are washable? Probably not. Would use buttons. Bev needs to trouble shoot this patterns for us.

  2. Can I get written instructions for the owl granny square? I have difficulty hearing the video and getting up with the instructions. Thank you for your assistance.

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