Tutorial: How To Read A Crochet Chart Worked In The Round (Crochet Symbols In Crochet Diagrams)

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Ever wondered how to read a crochet chart worked in the round? Diagrams are, most time, hard to read for many crocheters. Crochet charts look like a design a kiddo could draw, but when you learn the science behind it, they start “talking” to you! And most times they help you create really beautiful crochet projects! The beauty about knowing how to read diagrams is that the symbols used to create them are international. Learn those symbols ad you suddenly open a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to crochet patterns.

In this Tutorial How To Read A Crochet Chart/Diagram by Birgit you are taken by the hand and given step by step instructions on how you read the crochet chart/diagram pictured.

Crochet Chart worked in the Round

Check out the original source for this tutorial with all the directions and full written intructions at: by number 19

Thanks to Birgit for the article inspiration and featured image.

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15 thoughts on “Tutorial: How To Read A Crochet Chart Worked In The Round (Crochet Symbols In Crochet Diagrams)”

  1. I read this and thought there was a mistake in the beginning of row three. Then I realized I was reading the chart backwards because I am a lefty. It’s a backwards world for us lefties but we prevail and continue to read charts and patterns and create beautiful pieces.

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