[Tutorial] How To Plan Your Crochet Afghan With Pic Monkey

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Did you ever wish you had the superpower to plan your crochet afghan without having to lay all the granny squares on the table or floor? Turns out your wish is granted: you can do it using a simple tool called Pic Monkey. Now Pic Monkey is being used a lot for social media purposes but if you think just a bit outside the box, and take pictures of your finished squares, you can use with great results to plan ahead your afghan. Tamara Kelly from moogly.com is using this tool to plan all her afghans. If you wanna learn how to use Pic Monkey like she does, follow her step-by-step tutorial posted on her blog.

First though, the why. Why would I use a website to plan my layout, when I could just lay the squares on the floor or dining room table? Well, because there are kids and a dog on the floor (and the resulting dirt and lint, let’s be honest). And we need to eat off that table! Which means the squares could only stay for a couple hours at most – assuming no one else is home to “help.”

By using PicMonkey to plan my layout, the squares themselves stay neat and clean, I can move them around at the click of a button, and when I’ve got my final plan I can save and print the picture. This printed picture will then be my guide as I assemble them – no trying to remember which one came next!

 organize granny square

Image source: flickr.

granny organize

Image source: flickr.

Featured image source: flickr.

Thanks to Tamara of mooglyblog.com for this article inspiration.

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