[Free Pattern] Make Your Own Fantasy Blanket

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This really pretty blanket, designed and created by Ana Contreras, seems to be more like a blanket for baby boys. This Fantasy Blanket, who's name inspired by it's colors, is “Sand & Sea”, it's a combination of three different stitches: DC + granny, Waves B and Shells.

To make this blanket, you need to follow the instructions of the original Fantasy Blanket, but use these new stitch patterns instead.

You can see the original Fantasy Blanket  in the picture below.

The Fantasy Blanket is a crochet blanket made with medium yarn, using a variety of stitches and colors. It was inspired by a Stash-busting Challenge at Lanas de Anas (2013).

Materials for the Fantasy Blanket:
Medium yarn or DK in many colors (I used 10 colors for mine, but you can use as many colors as you wish,
The quantity will depend on how big you want it.
Crochet Hook # 4.5 or 5 mm

The sample blanket is small (for a baby carriage), but the pattern can easily be adapted to any size.

The order of the stitches is presented as it was done in the sample blanket (check Construction), but it can be changed and modified easily.

The free written pattern can be found on Ana's blog and the original Fantasy blanket pattern can be used as a version for girls.

[Free Pattern] Make Your Own Fantasy Blanket

Thanks to Ana for this article inspiration and images.

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