• Easy Beautiful Scottish Thistle Stitch Baby Blanket

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    Video tutorials are such a great way to learn new crochet stitches so you can crochet the most amazing things. There's such great satisfaction in making your own blankets, shawls, and so much more.
    The beautiful Scottish Thistle crochet stitch is another stitch you'll need to add to your list of stitches to try.

    Join Alison Russel and learn how to crochet a JAGGY JUMPER blanket, soft and gorgeous. As usual, choose your favorite colors but remember that this easy beautiful stitch will look amazing in greens and dark purples/blues.


    Easy Beautiful Scottish Thistle Stitch Baby Blanket

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    This easy beautiful crochet baby blanket pattern comes with a video tutorial only. Turn on CC when watching the video and you can read the pattern in the subtitles.

    See more about this pattern: Easy Beautiful Scottish Thistle Stitch Baby Blanket via Alison Russell’s Crochet Channel.

    Thanks to Alison Russell for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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    2 Comments to Easy Beautiful Scottish Thistle Stitch Baby Blanket

    1. Carolan Batchelder

      I would really really like to see this as a written pattern instead of tutorial. Is that available?

      • dailycrochet

        Hi Carolan, I don’t think so, however, please ask Alison on her youtube channel is going to be available soon. <3