[Photo Tutorial] What You Can Do With An Old T-shirt Is Brilliant: Recycled Floor Cushion

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Turn your t-shirt yarn into a bulky rag or into a floor cushion in just a few simple steps. All you need is some t-shirt yarn and a large crochet hook and you\'re set. Use more colors for a more appealing visual effect like in this Guidecentral tutorial by Catalina Saptelei. Where do you get you t-shirt yarn? This is where the beauty is: you don\'t buy it, you make it. It\'s a very simple recycling process that sounds complicated, in fact is not.

We only need the bottom-halve portion of the T-shirt. Cut horizontally from sleeve to sleeve as shown above. Cut away the end border of the T-shirt too. This useful” portion must be plain and free from printing, embroidery and any joints or seams. Any motifs will be too hard for the T-shirt to turn into tubular yarn.

Source: Craft Passion

Learn more about the making of t-shirt yarn here. Feel inspired? If you do not have enough old t-shirts around the house or maybe you\'re looking for different colors, I\'m sure you know a couple of places where you can buy t-shirts really cheap. There are many beautiful projects that can be done using the t-shirt yarn.

To get the floor cushion making pattern visit guidecentr.al.

This image courtesy of Catalina Saptelei.

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