[Photo Tutorial] This Butterfly Keychain Is Spectacular!

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 I love this little butterfly pattern!  I'm a butterfly loving gal so of course, when I see a butterfly pattern I like, I have to share it! This Butterfly Keychain by TamaraD is adorable, a really easy project and makes a cute gift for anyone who loves butterflies. These butterflies are so well made and a great way to use up little balls of yarn. Colorful butterflies are a great way to see your keys down in your purse.

butterfly key chain

Thanks to TamaraD for this article inspiration and featured image.

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17 thoughts on “[Photo Tutorial] This Butterfly Keychain Is Spectacular!”

  1. This site drives me crazy!!! I see it On Facebook and yet you want me to sign up or sign in again!!!
    Either give the pattern or not. But you lost me as a potential customer because of the hoop jumping! !#

  2. Betty Rice, please click the name of the pattern ( first letters capital, followed by the name of the designer, only one line under). In this case “Butterfly Keychain ” in the ” This Butterfly Keychain by TamaraD ….” phrase is the name of the pattern. Hope this helps!

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