[Photo Tutorial] Lift Your Spirits With This Joyful Happy Flower Decoration

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Here is another easy crochet project that amazing, colorful and works up fast. Happy Flower Decoration by Lucy of Attic24 is a lovely design, and can also be a great stash-buster. Make this flower to brighten up your kitchen or give it to someone and you'll always be remembered. Is like giving someone beautiful flowers that last longer than a week. Can also be used as a spring decoration on the front door as a lovely alternative to a wreath or as an applique for a cushion, a purse or pretty much everything else. Is just one of those things that look great in any way you choose to use it.

To shape/block my small pieces of crochet, I use an old towel spread over a 1 inch thick piece of foam. But a folded up towel will do well, so long as it's thick enough to pin into.

Place your flower and heart on the towel with the right side facing down, wrong side uppermost. Ease it into good shape, pinning first around the flower petal, then down the stem and out to the leaves. Try and get the leaf veins to line up horizontally with each other and the leaf points to look nice and pointy.(See more here)

Image source: flickr

Thanks to Lucy for this article inspiration and featured image.

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