[Photo Tutorial] Learn A New Crochet Stitch: The Block Stitch

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I found this beautiful afghan on Home Made At My Place blog and I think is amazing! It looks like a fun and fast stitch, to be used for many purposes! A scarf, a pillow and a baby blanket, you name it! Alessandra, the kind creator of this beautiful vibrant blanket  shares a  fabulous step-by-step photo tutorial pattern on her blog as well as a very interesting handmade chart which you may find very useful . This Block Stitch Afghan is gorgeous, I love the way she uses color, it is so happy looking. 

Some of you asked me how the “dots” ( I call them “rice grains”!!!) can pop out in this way, so I thought it will be nice if I show you how this happens!!!! Happy about that??? Yes, I imagine so!

This blanket is inspired by the Block Stitch Afghan pattern designed by Sue Pinner ( in the picture below).

block stitch

Image source: Sue .

Featured image source: Alessandra 

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  1. i wanted to know how many chains I need to start with to make an afghan, and if I used 6 colors how do I figure out how much I need. I’m a novice as you can tell, thanks

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