[Photo Tutorial] Genius Technique: Crocheting 2 Rows At A Time

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Are you intrigued yet? I was too, when I first came across this tutorial. That's truly the first time I hear about this technique. I found it on Crochet Rox and I think is something every crocheter should know. As Rox says, it really doesn’t speed things up, but it is nice to see two rows done instead of one when you get to the end.

I’m honestly SHOCKED at the response I got when I posted this picture in a crochet group.  I’ve had friends call it “witchcraft” but honestly, it’s very simple.   It may look confusing, but you are still only working one stitch at a time.   It’s not really any faster, but the work builds up quicker, so it seems like it does save some time.  I’ve been using this technique for years, and I can do it as easily as a single row now.  I don’t think I can explain exactly how I do it, so I’m going to try to slow it down to show you how.  I can do up to 3 rows at a time, but more than that and my yarn gets tangled.

I use this when I am working on afghans or long scarves, because I swear I have crochet ADHD and get so bored working on long projects.   This project works best with color changes, because I fasten off at the end of each row. If I’m working with a single color, I just carry it up the edges. (Read more here).

[Photo Tutorial] Genius Technique: Crocheting 2 Rows At A TimeImage source: flickr

Thanks to Rox for this article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. I know most would love this, but am I the only one that isn’t in a hurry when it comes to crocheting? I like taking my time, frogging when I get a stitch wrong, and just relaxing. I watched a woman just out a wash cloth in less than ten minutes lol to me that’s just to fast for me to get into and enjoy the project. Just curious if I’m the only one?

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