How To Join Yarn Using The Magic Knot Technique

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There are so many tutorials and techniques out there on how to join yarn and they may feel confusing for many.
How do you add yarn when crocheting? How do you add yarn when knitting?
Here is a nice, simple, clean technique that works and will teach you how to join yarn using the magic knot.These easy instructions on how to create the Magic Knot work best for woolen yarn.

The magic knot technique can either be used for you need to change color or to add more yarn. To begin you'll need two strands of yarn. Follow the visual tutorial below and learn how to make this fabulous and so popular Magic Knot.


How To Join Yarn Using The Magic Knot Technique

How To Join Yarn Using The Magic Knot Technique

Head over to Create Laugh Grow for the full tutorial on How To Join Yarn Using The Magic Knot Technique

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9 thoughts on “How To Join Yarn Using The Magic Knot Technique”

  1. There is NOT a knot strong enough to withstand the usage and washing of a knitted or crocheted item. Wool needs to be ‘spliced’ together into a single strand and all others need to be ‘spliced woven’ into worked stitches. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 55 years and I guarantee if you tie ANY knot in you yarn it will eventually work itself loose to expose a nasty surprise after all your time spent on your project. The only ‘magic’ used here is if you believe this knot will work.

  2. The knot shown in the example is technically not correct. Both knots are left-handed. They need to be backwards of one-another for full strength.

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