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    Groovy crochet patterns allow you to show others just how groovy you are as a person. Do you consider yourself groovy? Then, it is about time that you played the part. Show off your personal style by trying out the groovy crochet patterns mentioned in this post. You will be surprised by the multitude of options.

    The 1960s and 70s inspired us to be creative. It was a simpler time where hippies thrived. There is just something about retro crochet patterns that makes us feel happy.

    Although modern crochet patterns might seem amazing, they cannot compete with groovy crochet patterns. The original fashion offered by groovy crochet patterns is unlike any other. It allows us to bring out our inner hippie. Whether you want to crochet a hippie bag or even a vest, you will find our groovy crochet patterns to be perfect. They will add a hip and fun touch to your everyday life. You can never go wrong with hippie patterns.

    Be prepared for exciting colours that will blow your mind. Whether you are into flower power or are looking for something cool, the groovy crochet patterns that we have to offer will transport you to a better time when life was a whole lot easier. All of the crochet patterns we are going to share are wearables. They will excite you beyond belief and everyone around you will get to join in on the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the best groovy crochet patterns on the internet.

    1. Lace Poncho Free Crochet Pattern
    Bring out your inner hippie with this beautiful lace crochet poncho in a multitude of colors. It is finally back. You can wear it wherever you go and everyone will envy you for your carefree nature. Nothing says groovy better than a lace crochet poncho for which you can use your bits of leftover yarn. The groovy crochet pattern that we share is easy to crochet and does not take a lot of time.

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    2. Crochet Hippie Vest Free Pattern
    An amazing groovy crochet pattern that you are going to love is the holiday hippie vest crochet pattern. It is extremely popular and for good reason. Besides, it makes for the perfect holiday vest. You can put it on to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, and just about any other occasion.

    Click here for crochet pattern

    3. Fruity Toddler Poncho
    If you have a little child at home, you should make him a fruity toddler poncho. It is the most adorable thing out there. Moreover, it will help keep your little child warm during the fall and winter. Make a fruity toddler poncho to show your child how you love him or her.

    Groovy Crochet- Free Hippie Crochet Patterns

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    Groovy Crochet- Free Hippie Crochet Patterns

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    4. Crochet Granny Square Dress For Baby Girls 6 mos.–2 yrs
    If you have a little girl, it is about time that you made her a crochet granny square dress. This little dress crochet pattern can be crocheted during the weekend. Make sure to only use the brightest of colours. It will help highlight the old soul of your little girl in the best way possible.


    Groovy Crochet- Free Hippie Crochet Patterns

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    5. Granny Square Baby Bunting
    The perfect baby pattern for your leftover yarn.

    Granny Square Baby Bunting Free Crochet Pattern

    Click here for crochet pattern

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