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    Spark your creativity with these artistic patterns and ideas for crochet floor rugs. You’ll love to make these fabulous Giant Area Rugs and they are fairly easy FREE Crochet Patterns. We’ve included the best Giant Crochet Rug we’ve found on the internet, all with Free Patterns for you to try!

    When it comes to decorating your house the classic way, you cannot miss out on crochet area rugs. Although you might feel that crocheting a rug is too much effort just to place on the floor, it does make a statement in terms of decor. You can instantly add life to your home in case your living room or bed room seems boring. With the passage of time, the number of crochet rug patterns have increased, so you have a lot of options to choose from. These options are available for you to learn and crochet a rug yourself, or to buy it from somewhere. Crochet rug patterns include circular designs, contemporary designs etc which can each be placed according to their suitability with the setting of a room. You can see that among all crochet rug patterns, rectangle shaped crochet rugs are the most popular because they easily adjust with doors, hallways etc.

    There are multiple uses for crochet rugs apart from using them for décor you can utilize them for protecting your floor from furniture scratches or even just for your own comfort of feet in the bedroom or bathroom. The most exciting fact about crochet rugs are that they can be easily washed in the machine to clean and maintain their hygiene and quality. Basically, rugs are placed to protect your floor from dirt and to soak up water (especially in bathrooms). But now they have rather become a fashion in the interior designing world. Following are the most commonly used crochet rug patterns.

    • Circular Crochet Rug Patterns– Circular crochet rugs are mostly stitched with big alpaca stiches that make up a warm rug to protect you from the cold of floors. The circular crochet rugs can also be made by single crochet stitches, so those of you who know this basic crochet technique can opt to try and crochet a rig themselves. The circular crochet rugs make your floor cosy and add color to the room. You can make the rugs matching to your theme of any room or choose a vibrant contrasting color for a unique effect.
    • Contemporary Rug Patterns-These are the modern forms of crochet rugs you can use in all areas and rooms in your house. They are vintage, yet they add a modern look to your home. The contemporary rugs are often made with the super chunky yarn, which makes it ultra-soft and luxurious for your feet.
    • Modern Shag Rug Pattern -The latest designs in the crochet rug patterns include the modern shag rugs. These are extremely popular among people because of their soft touch and furry feel. For this reason, it is especially suitable for toddlers and babies as well. The modern Shag rugs are the most comfortable of all crochet area rugs and give a modern look to your room. This is extremely popular in girl’s rooms as well.
    • Welcoming Crochet Rugs– Crochet rugs serve amazingly well as welcome mats outside your house or inside your house by the entrance door. You can use bright colours or quick way pattern for this purpose.

    How to crochet an Oval Area Rug

    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Strana Mam, Diagram: Live Internet

    Sunshine Carpet Crochet Area Rug

    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Magic Carpet Studio

    Crochet Night Light Rug to make for kids
    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Crafty Queens

    Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell shape

    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Magic Carpet Studio

    Holey Crochet Floor Rug

    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Magic Carpet Studio

    Giant Crochet Doily Rug Pattern

    Giant Area Rugs Free Crochet Patterns

    Image and Free Pattern: Creative Jewish Mom

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    1. In the last couple of months you had a pattern for a very simple oval rug written in between other pictures and pattern. It went something like this ….using 2 strand of yarn sc 22 then dbl cr one then sc back to the beginning and dbl cr. again etc. This would continue on to be an oval rug. I accidentlly erased it and am now trying to find it again. I believe there was a picture. Could you please repeat the pattern for me as I am really wanting to make this.

    2. Thanks for the rug patterns. I have been looking for one to put in my entryway and another for along side my bed.

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