[Free Patterns] 5 Cute Baby Sandals For Lovely Little Feet

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Few things are cuter then baby's feet! Baby feet and toes are so cute, you can keep them in your palm and feel like “eating them right up!” They are so soft and perfect and you want to keep them like this forever. How do you dress the little, tiny feet of your most adorable baby in the world?

I can only imagine where these tiny feet will go in their lifetime. My only hope is that they never forget the way home.  Candice G.

I scoured the web for the best crochet baby sandals out there and came up with the following top five. These patterns are the cutest most perfect sandals for babies! You'll feel the urge to make one immediately just to see how they look on your daughter or boy's feet.

Click on the names of the patterns you like to go to their pattern pages!

1. Flower Power Baby Sandals

A written pattern for cute baby sandals. These sandals have a covered heel with gentle shell edge detail with a buttoned ankle strap and two toe straps with a flower feature.

sandalsImage source: Naomi

2. Piggy Peeps Baby Shoes *Pattern*

Cute summer sandals for girls – pictures included to help with construction.

Sizes are for a 4” shoe (G hook), and a 4.5” shoe (H hook).

1 skein is sufficient, unless you would like to do contrasting colors and/or embellishments.

Piggy Peeps Baby ShoesImage source: Anna Virginia

3. Baby Rainbow Sandals

These baby sandals are 10 cm/4 inches long so size 3 months approx. I have used Catania cotton yarn and a 3mm crochet hook and a tension of 6 sc and 6 rows of sc to an inch/2.5 cm. I did work the sole a bit looser, though. You can probably use the same pattern and thicker yarn for larger sizes but I haven't tested for them yet. If I do, I'll add the details later.

The sandals are worked in a single piece – the only things you need to sew on are the buttons.

baby rainbow sandalsImage source: aishakenza

4. Crochet Baby Slipper

Size: 0-6 months, app. 10 cm foot lenght
30gr 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn
crochet hook 3.25mm

baby_slipper_Image source: Melody

5. Sole Lovely Mary Janes – Baby and Youth 

These are wonderful for when your little one begins to walk.

Pattern includes baby and youth sizes; You customize the length of the sides/sole. Suede sherpa fleece may be sewn on with a regular needle & thread; no special tools required.

Sole Lovely Mary Janes - Baby and YouthImage source: Lisa van Klaveren

Got inspired? Happy day crocheting!

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