[Free Pattern] This Chapstick Holder Is Such A Great Idea For Any Lip Balm Addict

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Lipstick is a girl's best friend! How many times have we heard this?

The make-up giant Covergirl surveyed women about their lipstick and lifestyle habits and the results of this survey showed that confident women wear lipstick more often than non-confident women. As a matter of fact:

 Women who gloss up more than four days per week not only feel better about themselves, but also hold more senior positions at work than ladies who keep their lips au natural.(Source)

There is a lot of psychology behind every lipstick and gloss color and  the reasons why some women and girls choose to wear them. The point is, we all like our lips colored with lipstick or at least gloss. Mostly because it makes us feel more beautiful. It doesn't matter if is a lipstick, gloss, chapstick or lip balm, most women always carry a special one wherever they go. It's almost as functional and needed like a cell phone. LOL.

The problem is, sometimes you just don't want to carry a bag with you just for the pleasure of having your lipstick handy. This Chapstick / Lip Balm Holder by Kristy Ashmore may be just the solution you need. It's such a pretty pattern and such a great idea for any lip balm addict!

These are so fun and easy to make. I experimented with several different yarns, IMO Creme de la Creme’s tight twist works up the best.

I added a pink ribbon charm to the one I made for my sister, who is a breast cancer survivor.

lipstick glossImage source: flickr

Thanks to Kristy for this article inspiration and featured image.

Got inspired? Happy day crocheting!

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59 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Chapstick Holder Is Such A Great Idea For Any Lip Balm Addict”

    1. Hi Cindy, where it says: This Chapstick / Lip Balm Holder by Kristy Ashmore (mid article) please click the link tied to the name oof the pattern. Hope it helps

  1. I will be making a few of these! Always carry my chapstick, now I will not have to look so hard to find it at the bottom of my purse. It will be connected to my purse or on my belt loop. Serious chap stick user here! lol

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