[Photo Tutorial] Teach Yourself How To Crochet With This Gorgeous African Flowers Pattern

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Now, back to granny hexagons again! Have you had days when you're such in a flow that you forget to eat and even don't realize that your position is so wrong that your leg falls asleep untill you actually get your stuff done and try to move?

Today is one of those days for me. From Butterflies stitch to Granny Hexagon Butterflies and now again to Granny Hexagons, only this time we get African Flower Crochet hexagon inspiration from Heidi Bears.

So, there we go! These african flower hexagons are awesome! So delicate and cute! I feel that using pastel colors when crocheting these hexagons is a great choice that enhances the beauty of the pattern but then again, this is just me, maybe you feel the same about different color choices. Don't let me influence your choices!

This pattern was originally published in a South African magazine, and the designers are Lounette Fourie and Anita Roussouw.

You will need several colours of yarn and a size 5mm crochet hook.

Want to learn how to make half flowers? Try this Half African Flower pattern by Bigú Osuna, made to complement this lovely African flower granny.

Get inspiration for your next project from the finished projects below.

cushion african flowersImage source: ravelrycushion african flowers 2Image source: ravelry
African_Flower_Baby_purple_Image source: ravelry

Thanks to Heidi for this article inspiration and featured image.

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