• [Free Patterns] 5 Beautiful Crochet Granny Squares You Will Love Forever

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    Granny squares are fantastic projects for all crocheters. If you have some experience in crocheting, you know that every single pattern can look so different in the hands of different people and with different color combinations. This is so fortunate since most of us aim for uniqueness when creating a project.

    Granny squares patterns are pretty popular projects. Below is a selection of 5 granny squares pattern I find beautiful. And I hope you will love them too!

    5 Beautiful And Free Crochet Granny Squares

    Click on the names of the patterns you like to go to their pattern pages!

    1. Summer Garden Granny Square by Lucy of attic24. Together they resemble a garden blooming with summer flowers.


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    2. Granny square with flower centre free pattern .The frilly little edges are just lovely


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    3.Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial by Sandra of What  a gorgeous motif and so lovely colors!


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    4. Owl Granny Square -truly fabulous!



    5. Traditional Granny Square by Margot of Coffee & Vanilla.


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    Source: Crafty Magazine

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