[Free Pattern] Works Up Fast And Looks Amazing: Diamond Flower Baby Blanket

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I read this somewhere and it made me smile: can all your girlfriends get pregnant at the same time? In theory, the answer is no, in reality, we all know: usually when one gets married, the other follow pretty quick, when one is waiting for a baby, the  others follow pretty soon too! So, one can never have too many baby blankets for her girlfriends' babies! This Diamond Flower Baby Blanket by Lucy Lyons is really pretty blanket with a lovely deign that you will enjoy for sure crocheting.

Diamond Flower Baby BlanketImage source: Flickr

Thank you to Lucy Lyons for the article inspiration and featured image!

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36 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Works Up Fast And Looks Amazing: Diamond Flower Baby Blanket”

    1. Kerryanne, the pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern. Please click the Diamond Flower Baby Blanket link to get to the pattern’s page.

  1. Finally found it at Ravelry. Think I spelled it right. Took some searching, but I found it. Crocheting baby blanket similar to this one. Little Axel Baby Blanket By Lucy Lyons. @ Ravelry

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