• [Video Tutorial] Wonderful Little Candy Puffs Beanie With Lots Of Stretch

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    Follow along with Yolanda Soto Lopez and learn how to crochet a lovely criss cross puff stitch beanie. This video tutorial and pattern are credited to Yolanda Soto Lopez however, this tutorial will help with the puff stitch, if you wish to follow the written pattern from Busting Stitches ( on the previous page).

    This is my variation of a puff stitch beanie.. combining a puff stitch and a criss cross stitch gives this beanie a unique and fun look. I am sure it will become one of your favorite beanies to make. These make a great gift, and fun item. Here is suggested hook sizes. Remember these are approximate since everyone crochets differently.

    Infant- Size G Hook, Babies Size H hook, Toddler Size I hook. To crochet a beanie for an older child use a size J hook and a medium weight worsted yarn. For adults you can use a size K hook and a heavier weight of yarn (maybe even a chunky weight. The pattern is the same for all sizes. Only the size of hook and weight of yarn changes. This makes this the perfect beanie pattern for all sizes. From Baby – adult size. Follow the same pattern. If you want to make it able to stretch more don’t do the last row of single crochet stitching. Happy crocheting!

    Thanks to Busting Stitches for this article inspiration and featured image.

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