[Free Pattern] This Pattern Is Absolutely Stunning Done In Many Different Colours

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Here is an invitation for you to play with colors. Brighter Daze Square by Melissa Green is a great pattern with a really different type of construction and with lovely results. This 7 inch square can easily be expanded to any size desired. The pattern is simple but so much can be done with colors. Use two colors and you get a checkerboard effect. Use more colors and you get different patterns.

The pattern is pretty easy to make, especially if you follow Margaret MacInnis’ Tutorial. Once you look at that tutorial, everything becomes very clear and the pattern is easy to do.

This pattern is absolutely stunning done in many different colours. Here is how it works with colour changes each row. Pretty awesome, right?


Brighter Daze Square  1Image source:ravelry

Thanks to Melissa for the article inspiration and featured image.

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21 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Pattern Is Absolutely Stunning Done In Many Different Colours”

  1. I saw that one, but no others. I’m not a huge fan of this either. I love the bright blue and green together. And I like the softer colors together. But I don’t like them all together…which is weird considering how much I love to make Joseph blankets. :/

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