[Free Pattern] This Moroccan Tote Is Gorgeous!

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What an absolutely stunning bag! I am totally in love with this bag with such an elegant design and the leather handles just make it even more attractive. This Moroccan Tote by Sol Rencoret is made using tapestry crochet to create a nice dense fabric. This project is quite hard on the hands as the stitches are tight however the beauty of this bag makes every effort worth it!


Don’t worry if you don't know how to work tapestry crochet, there's an excellent photo tutorial on Sol's site available for you.

This bag uses tapestry crochet to create a nice dense fabric for a small tote. A small base is crocheted first and then the rest of the bag is worked in a beautiful moroccan pattern.

The bag is worked in spirals all the way through, meaning that you don’t join each round which eliminates that sometimes noticeable slip stitch. Leather handles and a fabric lining complete the pattern to create the perfect summer tote.

The tote measures 36cm x 30cm.  (Source)

Moroccan Tote

Thanks to Sol for this article inspiration and featured image.

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