[Free Pattern] This Lacy Crocheted Sleeveless Top Is Gorgeous!

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This Lacy Crocheted Sleeveless Top is another great top, perfect for the summer!

 Lace-Inspired Crocheted Top by Valerie Kurita is a very cute summer top, made in cotton, a perfect project for intermediate crocheters.

The different stitches are used to make this very beautiful top. The instructions are provided for 3 different sizes: S, M, L  ( more details below). The pattern is easy to follow and quick to make.

Lacy Crocheted Sleeveless Top Free Pattern

From the description: When it comes to lace, crochet shines! This intermediate-level design, carefully choreographed by Valerie Kurita, is worked in Cool Crochet from Bernat and boasts a bevy of pattern stitches.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Sizes: Instructions are written for the smallest size with changes for larger sizess given in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes.

Finished Measurements:

  • Bust: 32 (36.5 40)”. This is a close fitting garment at bodice that stretches to fit actual bust measurement of 34 (38 42)”.

  • Hips: 35 (40 45)”

  • Length: 19 (19.5 20)” from top of bodice to lower edge. Length can be adjusted by positioning of straps. (Source)

[Free Pattern] This Lacy Crocheted Sleeveless Top Is Gorgeous!
Via ravelry
Image source: ravelry

Featured image source: Beloucattoo

Get the Lace-Inspired Crocheted Top free crochet pattern HERE.

Thanks to Valerie Kurita for the article inspiration and featured image.

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81 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Lacy Crocheted Sleeveless Top Is Gorgeous!”

    1. Marian Schneekloth

      I would like to make this and I printed off the instructions but can’t find how many stitches to start with? Would you please help me out?
      Thanks so much!!

      1. Marian, here are the notes belonging to the person who made this top :

        Had to make some adjustments for gauge. Not getting the gauge in the pattern. Don’t think I want to. Seems a little too tight for the yarn I’m using- and my yarn is sport weight. Hmmm. Only did 11 pattern repeats for torso.

        4/27 Ran out of yarn with only one strap to go. Started with 7 balls. Should have been enough for a large and I was making the small. Ripped out the entire thing to start again. Seriously. I was making adjustments for my gauge being different and just crocheting to the pattern measurements. I did however make the torso section a little longer like I usually have to do because I have a longer torso! But by the time I finished I felt it was too long even for me. If you look at the top on the model, the length hits her below the bend in her leg. Too long for me. I will start again and shorten the torso some and hopefully have enough yarn to finish this time.

        5/6 Finished minus attaching straps and burying tails. Oh and buttons. Was worried I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish the second time around.

        Second attempt mods: Ch 42 to start torso. Only did 11 repeats. Decrease 6 sts at drawstring band- 150 sts. 50 ch-2 sps. 3 rows of rnd 4 total for lower border. Skip 2 hdc on last rnd. Straps: ch 67, only 1 row of hdc, petal pattern rows 3,4 & 5. 1 more row hdc, then start row 7. Only did ch-4 for the little bumps. Ripped out and re-did straps like 3 times to get them how I wanted them. Edging for back opening: slip st with 8 ch-3 button loops along first side and then sc along second side (looked better).

        Now just to tie things together.

        So beyond ready to be done with this project. Need to rip and redo straps again because they’re too long. Redoing AGAIN co 52 this time. Ugh. Finally a good length.

        Did a twisted cord instead of chain for the tie. Cute.

        5/9 Finally done. Just need to sew buttons (which I haven’t found yet), block and get some pics. After all the hassle it’s a super cute top. Glad I took the time to get the fit right otherwise I don’t think I would wear it.

        10 g of yarn left out of 7 (50 g) balls.

        When I sewed on the buttons I stitched the back opening together too. It stopped the buttons from pulling at the opening so it looked better. This doesn’t need to be a functional opening anyway.

        Source: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Beloucattoo/lacy-sleeveless-top

        The original pattern says:
        22 stitches = 4 inches in half-double crochet (US) using size E/4 (3.5mm) hook ( Source: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lace-inspired-crocheted-top)

        Hope this helps!

        1. Hope your doing well today. Wow, so good to hear from someone that goes threw the same stuff I do. If only life was easy as adjusting the number of stitches:)
          I’m proud to hear that you kept going and finished it all. Did you think to make the buttons?:) Joking around:)LOL. I want to make the top as something to do when I’m at my friends house while she does sewing. My husband wants me to sell the tops I make at the Cloverdale Flea Market. I’m not that fast however I am fast. You sound like you can watch tv and sew at the same time. Sorry, I’ve gone on a bit cause I don’t talk to many people about crocheting which I Love to do.
          Take care from Susan

  1. Whoops! That’s what the article says. The pattern says the following: Cool Crochet from Bernat (Art. 161074) 70% cotton, 30% nylon; 1-3/4 oz. (50 g); 200 yds. (182 m); DK weight
    5 (6, 7) balls #745005 Crisp White

  2. I saw that it was 70% cotton 30% nylon and I just wanted to see if someone knew of a yarn that would work good since that yarn has been discontinued. I have never made a crochet top, and I don’t have much experience with different types of yarn. I usually stick to the same couple of brands of yarn.

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  5. Barbara Lykowski

    I’m trying to work on the petal pattern. The instruction for Row 3: is very confusing and no matter what I do to figure out what is next, it doesn’t work. Need this for a Christmas gift. If there are other errors in the pattern, I’m in trouble. Please help get me going on this. Thanks

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