[Free Pattern] This Is One Stunning Afghan!

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The blanket is fabulous and the border finishes it off perfectly! It is based on the Flower Burst Square by Chris Simon, a simple design that is simply beautiful. This block is easy to make and pretty and looks a lot different with different color combinations, however I love the soft colors in the featured afghan, and they are so delicate and look so lovely together.

the yarn was an 8 ply/double knit and i used a 4mm hook. the colours just came together – there was no plan or scheme but i did want a limited palette.

jana – i sewed the squares together using the taupe coloured yarn and what i would call a lacing stitch. you are sewing the edges together so the afghan is flat on the back and front – no ridge. so you are effectively lacing the two edges together. i hope this helps and makes sense! (Source)

[Free Pattern] This Is One Stunning Afghan!Image source: Louise

Thanks to Louise for this article inspiration and featured image.

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24 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Is One Stunning Afghan!”

  1. Now, when something says “free pattern” how do you know it’s really free? Like, is it “free for personal use” or “free to sell from” etc? Free pattern could mean anything. Specifics would be nice.

  2. @[100000459715788:2048:Hanna], free pattern means you don’t have to pay to get the pattern. Other specifics are usually mentioned on the site for every pattern. All you need to do is click the link, go to the pattern and read the specifics for each one. Hope it helps.

    1. Hi Darlene! To get the free patterns you need to click the name of the pattern featured in the article. The pattern’s page is linked always to the name of the article. It:s like this: This ……..(name of the pattern) designed by…..(name of the designer)….. It’s usualy in the first paragraph and the name always starts with capital letters , followed by the name of the designer Also there is only 1 line under the name of the pattern Click on that link and you’ll get to the right page. In this case: Flower Burst Square is the name of the article. Hope it helps.

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