[Free Pattern] Quick, Easy And Comes Out As Stated!

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Super easy for a noobie to understand!This Easy Laptop, iPhone, Cell phone, kindle or camera Sleeve by Neesha is easy, simple, practical and reliable. It's far cheaper to make a simple case instead of buying a ready-made one. Stop worrying about your laptop, iPhone or Cell phone getting scratched (or buttons accidentally pushed), and make yourself this lovely simple cozy.

This pattern could be followed to make an
iPhone/iPod/iTouch/Kindle/mobile or cell phone sleeve too.

You could use your favorite coloured yarn or alternate row colors to make stripes….the possibilities are endless. 🙂 (Source)

If you’re wondering how the snug fit turned out…it’s great!  The laptop WILL NOT fall out, but still comes out fairly easy when pulled.  I was amazed that although the yarn itself did not have any stretch in it, by doing the stitches tight, it seemed to allow for a little bit of stretch in the finished product.  And the best part – my man loves it – it’s exactly what he wanted.  🙂

I have also made one of these for a friends iPhone.  It took me about 2 hours.  For that I used 3 strands together of my local (unlabeled) acrylic yarn, with a 6/0 hook. (Source)

Easy Laptop, iPhone, Cell phone, kindle or camera SleeveImage source: Neesha

Thanks to Neesha for this article inspiration and featured image.

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