• [Free Pattern] This Easy Granny Blanket Is A True Stash-Buster

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    This granny blanket looks so happy and so pretty. It's made of 64 granny squares (8 squares x 8 squares) and believe it or not, no two squares are the same! The Granny Variation Blanket by Marianna Mel is a true stash-busting project and is so clever made using only the traditional Granny Square of five rounds but with a little modification. You can read about it on Marianna's site. Thanks to Marianna  for the article inspiration and featured image.


    If you’re a more experienced crocheter you know how to make the traditional granny square, but just in case you’re a beginner or need to refresh your crocheting knowledge, I found a video tutorial for you. Go ahead and follow the link to the next page to watch the video.

    granny variationImage source: Marianna

    Visit the Next Page link below for the VIDEO instructions.


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