[Free Pattern] This Brilliant Yo-Yo Bookmark Will Help You Channel Your Inner Reader

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Crochet bookmarks are not only easy and quick to make, they are a timeless and thoughtful gift that's suitable for most people. Have you ever met someone who doesn't have at least one book in her/his house?  Probably not!  It's not unusual for me to be reading two or three books at a time. How about you? This Yo-Yo Bookmark by Priscilla Hewitt is not only extremely cute and happy, it's also a great reminder to be playful and have fun at any age.


Size 10 cotton thread, #4 steel hook

For yo-yo’s: you can use a different color for each yo-yo, or do them all the same color

For joining & edging: white, black or ecru (or the color of your choice)

Gauge: Unedged yo-yo measures about 7/8” across

Pattern note: Work tightly for best results. Work over thread ends whenever possible.

Yo-Yo Bookmark by Priscilla Hewitt

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Priscilla's Crochet

Thanks to Priscilla Hewitt for the article inspiration and featured image.

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