[Free Pattern] This Blizzard Warning 9 Inch Square Is Absolutely Gorgeous

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With winter just around the corner, you may be thinking of making some beautiful snowflake projects. If this is the case, here is an absolutely gorgeous afghan square. This is a very versatile and unique project! This fun pattern goes from a 6 inch hexagon to a 9 inch square with just a few added rows! Blizzard Warning! by Polly Plum is a work of art with a truly unique and striking design. 

Blizzard Warning!

Please Go To Page (2) For The Full List of Materials & Directions…


66 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Blizzard Warning 9 Inch Square Is Absolutely Gorgeous”

    1. Hi!..This is a beautiful additional to the holiday season..being a Crochet Artist/Instructor on Youtube, who would i need to speak with to see if its possible to do a free tutorial on this for those who cannot read patterns, so they to may enjoy this beautiful piece?..I have a channel where i do many free patterns from all major yarn companies to help teach the use of patterns and understanding them, and i feel so many would love to have this one for the season…Please contact me with any helpful info:)…Thank you so much

  1. However we get through the patterns we do Michele Boucher-Hines. Sometimes my hard head doesn’t want me to understand them. I am self taught & always excited when I see something I like & even more excited when I finish working in that last thread in. I love to crochet ! Whether I am good at it or not isn’t so important to me as long as I am satisfied with my work I am happy. 🙂

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