[Free Pattern] This Beautiful Hoot Owl Container Is A Perfect Storage Idea For Your Yarn

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Ready for a fun, little project?  It's a Hoot Owl Container by Michele Wilcox is a very easy to follow pattern with functional results. After you are finished crocheting this project you have a nice basket to store your yarn or other items. This basket is made using the basket weave stitch and would make a great gift for a birthday or a Christmas gift.

Here’s a perfectly wise idea for keeping clutter under control! Crochet this wonderful owl container in neutral shades as shown, or in colors you’d like for your room.[…]

Container measures 10” tall x 10” diameter,
across bottom (25.5 cm x 25.5 cm

I'ts a Hoot Owl Container

Image source: Sandra

I had this mauve yarn sitting around…mill ends from one of the craft stores. Instead of making a small, crocheted circle for the pupil of the eye, I bought acrylic jewels and glued them in instead.(Source)

Thanks to Michele Wilcox for this article inspiration and  images.

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12 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Beautiful Hoot Owl Container Is A Perfect Storage Idea For Your Yarn”

  1. Delores, that’s probbaly an ad. Please click the link in the words: It’s a Hoot Owl Container… The pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern ( first letter capital, one line under and usualy followed by the name of the designer). Hope it helps!

  2. Great idea……could store extra hand towels in the bathroom….along with a dozen or so other ideas for storage….could even picture this in a girl’s room for extra pairs of socks….okay, you got my brain working over here…..thank you so much.

  3. I was wondering how to make this a bigger basket. How much bigger would it make it if I used a size or 2 bigger hook? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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