[Free Pattern] This Blocks Crochet Afghan Is Absolutely Gorgeous!

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This is an absolutely gorgeous pattern! I found it on Reddit being shared in one of the forums. Many of us just know some patterns by heart, maybe we’ve learned them some time ago from Granma without knowing the name of the pattern, or maybe some patterns don't even have a name, they just belong to a generation of wonderful Granma crocheters. Just my thought!


This blocks crochet afghan is also a great choice if you need a break from making granny projects. This is made in one piece so no more sewing, for once. This afghan pattern makes stunning baby blankets, twin size or bigger afghans. Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the pattern.


Visit the Next Page link below for the afghan pattern.


177 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Blocks Crochet Afghan Is Absolutely Gorgeous!”

    1. Barbara,
      Can you help explAin to me how to begin this pattern? Do I make 174 chains to begin my foundation row? I’m not an advanced crocheted… But I thi k I’d love to learn how to do this pattern. But the instructions.s do not make sense to dumb me. Can you poi.t me right direction? I could not figure out how to co tact the person who posted the pattern.to ask them. Any idea?

      1. Susan, click on the word Source please and read the discussion on reddit about this pattern. You can add your questions there. The user named Firejen is the person who added this pattern, contact her please.Thanks.

      2. You have to have a chain to make single crochet .Its not counted as a row.Your first row is the single crochet because they are .add within the chain.

  1. I had a friend who would crochet dish clothes using all the gorgeous patterns. She also crocheted all other items but would do the dishcloths to wind down from a busy or stressful day each time I see your posts I think of Joni. I miss her so much. I have my collection and will never use them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I would like to make this as well. But, I too cannot quite follow.the instructions given above. Such as… how.Do.you start it? Is.there a site which has the entire pattern instructions so someone like me, who,is an advanced beginner, can get the entire pattern instructions?? Anyone help?

  2. Carol Yeager Long Fpdc is a front post double crochet… They are very easy to do. Instead of going through the top of the stitch you go around the post the last stitch created. There are several YouTube videos that can help teach this…. That’s how I learned them

  3. Thank you Kaitlyn 😉 I do know how to do the fpdc & the bpdc….it’s just that to me the picture looks more like the criss cross stitch that I’m working on for a baby blanket. The balnket above is so very pretty!!!

    1. Gayle, since you have made 2 blankets with this stitch, could you please explain this more clearly. I have tried putting the fpdc and then the sc behind the fpdc – didn’t work; tried fpdc and then sc in the next stitch, – didn’t work; tried fpdc and then sc in the same space as fpdc – didn’t work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It just doesn’t look like the little x’s.

  4. really like this pattern and feel it would be perfect for babies on the way , but can not figure it out , had a friend try who is super good at crochet following but she also can not get it to work as written . Can anyone help please ?

  5. Diane Lynn Boyd Everything except what looks like Xs is done with single crochet. As I understand it,the X appearing stitches are front post double crochets that are done on the row below.

  6. The person who wrote the instructions said she originally got this pattern from a magazine years ago. Maybe it would be easier to try to figure out what magazine it came from instead of trying to decipher her instructions.

  7. The problem is that X looking stitch is NOT a front post double crochet. It is also not a front post single crochet. Also tried back posts, alternating and not. Did not work.

    I completely agree with everyone who bothered to try it because the result does not look like this! Have attempted several other possible things, but so far I have not gotten Xs like this.

    IF someone has actually done this and had it come out to look like the photo, could you please post HOW you did it?

  8. Ok I think I figured it out…19 blocks x 9 stitches = 171 stitches then add 4 = 175 stitches but add 1 more for the turn = 175 chains for foundation row. Now instead of doing the front post double crochet use a front post LONG single crochet and it should look like the x on the blanket. Hope this helps.

  9. I used an H hook and Red Heart worsted (4) in Royal Blue, Carrot, and magenta. Multiples of 9 in chaining for body of blanket and then 4 to have 2 stitches on both sides for border.

  10. The first patter row was the hardest for me. Figuring out where to make my first fpdc. After that it was so easy. I will definitely make more of these. Mine looks just like the one picture in this post…same colors.

  11. I’m almost done with mine, but this week, my cousin is coming over because she wants to learn to make one too. I taught her to crochet and now she wants to give this a try because it’s so beautiful.

  12. Each ‘block’ is based on 9 stitches. If you want a blanket 9 blocks wide for instance, you chain 81. On both ends are two extra stitches which represent a border for the blanket. So in all, for a 9 block blanket, you chain 2 for the border on one side, then the 81, then 2 more for the other border (total chain of 85). The 2 end stitches are always HDC. It helps if you think of the pattern in sets of 9 stitches, and alternate each set.

  13. Do you put out a newsletter or have a way that I can mark free pattrens and follow along with you besides twitter, Facebook etc???

  14. Really like this blanket, but can’t figure out the pattern, I need more basic instructions. Is the sc in the back only of the stitch? Seems theres steps missing from the pattern? Obviously I’m a beginner…….any suggestions?

  15. I was very confused at first as to how the little x’s were formed just by doing the fpdc, but I figured it out!
    The first row of fpdc that you do is simple, but when you come back across the row to do your 2nd row of post stitches make sure you go fully down and around the previous fpdc stitch from that first row of fpdc stitches. I almost made the mistake of going into the sc stitch from the previous row of just sc, but NO that is incorrect! Make sure you go down as far as possible into that previous fpdc below. As you get a few more rows done you will see the pattern start to take on the appearance of little x’s

  16. I love this pattern and am half-way finished with the blanket! I have a problem and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong! The side where I change colors is longer than the rest of the blanket. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I have pulled out 4 blocks and started over and it is doing the same thing again.

  17. I was lost after sc (single crotchet I presume) – how do you make “posts”? Not a clue – I know how to do single, double an trebles, but lost thereafter! Has anybody out there got “simple” language to explain this pattern? Would love to do it,but haven’t a clue from what has been posted.

  18. Help!! why can’t somebody help make this pattern very clear? I am very confused at the get -go, making the 4 extra in the foundation, I understand about the 9 stitches and the one ch to turn

  19. I figured it out finally! I’ve written it all down. I’m left handed but I don’t think it will make a difference for written instructions (at least I hope not).

    SC – Single Crochet
    CH – Chain Stitch
    FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet
    STS – Stitches

    The FPDC were sort of weird for me since I’ve only ever done these reaching down into a DC and never a SC. I just followed a striaght line down skipping 1 row of SC, found the post and put it right there. All the FPDC’s for the remaining row’s of the block are into the previous FPDC which felt much more natural for me. This is the pattern I followed:

    Foundation chain = 9(width of block) * X(number of blocks you want) + 5 (2 edge sts on left and right edge and 1 for the turning chain)

    **My project was 4 blocks wide so my starting chain was 41 sts (9 * 4 + 5 = 41)**

    Row 1: SC in the 2nd CH from hook all the way across then 1CH to turn

    Row 2: Same as Row 1

    Row 3: This is where the X patterns start to appear

    – SC in the 2nd CH from hook then 1 more SC (this is the start of the 2 SC border)

    – *1FPDC, 1SC, 1FPDC, 1SC, 1FPDC, 1SC, 1FPDC, 1SC, 1FPDC* over the next 9 STS (you’ll have 5FPDC’s and 4SC’s)

    – *9SC* over the next 9 STS

    – Repeat *FPDC* then plain *9SC* across the width of your project

    **This was the end of my row as I’d completed 4 blocks, 2 with FPDC and 2 with plain SC**

    – 2SC into last 2 STS of row, 1 CH to turn

    Row 4: SC in the 2nd CH from hook, SC all the way across then 1CH to turn

    Rows 5 – 16: Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until you have 7 rows of FPDC and the last return row of SC

    Row 17: Repeat previous pattern but this time start with 2SC then the *9DC* block then move to the *FPDC* all the way across, 2SC at end and 1 CH to turn

    Row 18: SC in the 2nd CH from hook all the way across then 1CH to turn

    Row 19 to end: Repeat until you have 7 rows on FPDC then switch back to off set the blocks again, rinse and repeat until you have the desired length.

  20. Thank you Jenny for figuring out the pattern, will try! I’m taking it for granted that these directions are for one color?

  21. Thank you for simplifying the pattern. I am confident that I can follow it. I am just confused with Row 19 which stTes “Rinse and Repeat”?
    Thank you,

  22. Hi, I’m enjoying your photos and the only question I have is what size hook are you using to obtain your gauge please and thank you. I hope you have a blessed day.

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