[Free Pattern] The Most Adorable Crochet Heart Keychain Ever!

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Or…it may be just what you were looking for to make Christmas decorations! This Free Crochet Pattern Heart designed by: Karin aan de haak and translated in English by José Crochet, is probably the most adorable heart keychain pattern I've seen. And there is a lovely Flower Tutorial For The Little Heart on the site as well.

Of course, this crochet heart pattern leaves room for you to use your imagination on how to decorate the little hearts and how to personalize them. Make some beautiful, irresistible keychains as Christmas presents for your family and friends..



If you're still a beginner you'll be very happy with this heart pattern, it's so easy to get it done by following the explanations and step-by-step photos on Jose's site.

[Free Pattern] The Most Adorable Crochet Heart Keychain Ever!

Thanks to José Crochet for this article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. My grandmother made heart sachet’s with the crochet thread. I still have the one she made me along with a bunch of doll cloths for a small doll, like a barbie doll. They are my treasures. <3

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