The Easiest Crochet Slippers Free Pattern You Will Ever Make

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This easy crochet slippers pattern creates a nice and stretchy pair of slippers that are perfect for kids and adults alike. The Women's Quick & Easy Slipper Socks by Alexandra Richards ELK comes in 9 different sizes and makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. If your feet are always cold, this is a pattern you want to try. These slippers will keep your feet warm and they are great to walk on.

A quick tip: “For NONSLIP you can add a few drops of hot glue to the bottoms.”

Crochet Women's Slippers Free Pattern

This free crochet slippers pattern is made with half-double crochet stitches and can be made with any size of yarn. You will need a crochet hook, yarn or tapestry needle, and a yarn needle.

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[Free Pattern] The Easiest Crochet Slippers You Will Ever Make
Free Crochet Slippers Pattern
Get the written pattern here: Easy Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

Thanks to Alexandra Richards ELK for the article inspiration and featured image.

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Do you like easy crochet slippers? Here are some great free crochet slipper patterns:

Easy And Free Crochet Slippers Patterns For Adults

Keep your feet cozy all winter long with a pair of crochet slippers! These simple crochet slippers are quick and easy to follow, even for beginners. In just a few hours, you'll have a brand-new pair of slippers to keep your toes toasty warm. Read on to learn how to crochet slippers step by step.

1. Pom Pom Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

Comfy Houndstooth Slippers
Free Crochet Slipper Pattern Via Sweet Potato 3

An interesting crochet slipper pattern that you can crochet in your free time is the pompom crochet slippers pattern. It will help you make comfortable and super-durable crochet slippers in no time. You will learn about the coolest tricks for cozy sturdiness. It is up to you to do the pompom design or opt for something simpler. However, the pompoms help spice things up.

Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

    2. Pointy Crochet Slipper Pattern

    Pointy Crochet Slippers Pattern
    Via Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness

    If you want to make crochet slippers that have a large furry pompom, you can follow the pointy crochet slippers pattern. It will give your toes a unique edge. You can make these slippers using t-shirt yarn. This means that the soles will be extra soft and comfy.

    3. Tassel Slip-on Slippers Crochet Pattern

    Tassel Slip-on Slippers Crochet Pattern
    Via Dabbles & Babbles

    Another easy crocheted slippers pattern that you can try out is the tassel slippers crochet pattern. It is suitable for those of you who are more into tassels than pompoms. You need to use basic crochet stitches for making these tassel crochet slippers. Each slipper would require two parts, the tongue, and the sole. Then, you can attach these two and add the tassel to them.

    4. Crochet Slippers with a Bow Pattern

    Crochet Slippers with a Bow Pattern
    Via Yarnspirations

    If you are looking for a stylish crocheted slippers pattern, you are going to love crocheted slippers with a bow. They are perfect for parties and just about every celebration. The bow makes these slippers look extra chic.

    5. Women’s and Men’s Crochet Slipper Socks in an Hour or Less

    Here are two patterns in one for making slipper socks.

    The first is a slipper pattern perfect to make as gifts, or just because you want some cozy feet! It's also great for any size toddler up through small women’s sizes (depending upon color choice).

    The second variety of this design features men's and children's footwear in addition so there will be something suitable even if someone has a larger foot than most folks do – which can sometimes happen ;-D

    For this pattern, you will need to know the basic crochet stitches: magic circle, chain, single crochet stitches, and double crochet stitches.

    Why crochet slipper socks?

    It feels cold during winter. The wood floors are cold and the feet are cold at night, but socks do not keep them warm either. I always liked sock socks, they are inexpensive and tend to be lost when they are cold. I wished there was another option and the sock was the right fit.

    Crochet Slipper Socks Free Pattern
    Via Winding Road Crochet

    These crochet socks are designed for beginners and are a quick, easy gift. Plus it's suitable for everybody. This pattern comes in five different sizes so there's plenty of room in your heels or toes to increase your width.

    6. Magic Slippers

    If you're looking for a new and challenging crochet project, why not try making some square slippers? Crochet square slippers are all the rage this winter, and many crocheters are wondering how to make them.

    The transformation is almost magical and hence the name Magic Slippers. These slippers are really easy and beginner-friendly! No increasing or decreasing to worry about here – just crochet your way up this super simple pattern with some cleverly designed stitches that will have you feeling cozy in no time at all.;)

    How do you crochet square slippers?

    Well, wonder no more!

    With this easy tutorial, you can be on your way to making your own stylish slippers in no time. So grab some yarn and get started!

    Once you've mastered this project, you'll be able to make any style of square slipper that you like!

    More Free Crochet Slipper Patterns that are Cute and Cool

    Have you tried crocheting slips or shoes? Keep the toe warm (even cute!) in a crochet slipper.

    Here is an awesome collection of free crochet slippers patterns. The majority of these designs are made in less than an hour using fairly minimal yarns.

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    1. Thank you for sharing the link to my slippers! One of my cousins shared this with me yesterday that she found it here. I’ve since released Men’s sizes and Kid’s sizes.

      1. You’re most welcome, Alexandra! Thank you for your beautiful patterns and for making them available for all of us! <3

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