[Free Pattern] The Best Pot Holder Pattern Ever

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These beautiful crochet potholders are fun and easy to make in a variety of colors. Origami Hot Pad pattern by Ed Barrall II is suitable for playing with different yarn and hook combos. Make a bunch of them using solid colors or mixing them up with scraps, they look great in any combination. This speedy crochet hot pad makes a nice and much-appreciated gift.


Materials for a 7 X 7 inch pad: One ball of Sugar and Cream worsted weight cotton (about 120 yards).

Hook: Size H ( 5 mm) gives a medium density pad. A smaller hook (G) will give a higher density pad and take more yarn. A larger hook (I) will give a more open pad.

[Free Pattern] The Best Pot Holder Pattern Ever

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: South Bay Crochet (CGOA)

Thanks to Ed Barrall II for the article inspiration and featured image.

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26 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] The Best Pot Holder Pattern Ever”

  1. The only thing wrong with this pattern is when the two sides meet and you are ready to find mosh that off, you need to make a loop for hanging so sl st in last st, chain 5, sl st in same stitch you did before then leave a length to whip stitch the two sides together.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s not the original source for the pattern, seeing as how grandma’s have been making them for decades..this is just one of those things that have been around forever.

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