[Free Pattern] Really Fun To Make 6-Inch Square

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This pattern reminds me of a flower or a sun. I love how using different color combination will create such a big difference in the finish square looks. This Granny #4 by Woodshoppe1 is quick and versatile  and a very beautiful, eye-catching 6 inch motifs.

 The 6-inch squares were a nice break from the intricacy of the 12-inch squares.  These were called simply “Granny Square #4.  These were really fun to make.  I hand planned to make each of them using all the colors but in reverse order, but as I was making them (I made both at the same time: round 1 on both, round 2 on both, etc) the colors just seemed to flow better.(Source)

squareImage source: Mellie Blossom

Thanks to Woodshoppe1 for the article inspiration and featured image.

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