[Free Pattern] Most Beautiful Crochet Water Lily You\’ve Ever Seen

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When I was a child, my parents used to take me to this pond with lots of gorgeous floating water lilies and playful small fish in many colors. I have been in love with water lilies all my life.  This free crochet Water Lily pattern by Make My Day Creative, is so spectacular and by far the most real looking crochet water-lily I've ever seen. I'm so happy I found it, my heart smiles.

I’ve been looking for a good water lily pattern for a while, and whilst I’ve seen a few most of them require sewing several layers together.  Also, most water lilies I have seen have 8 petals around – but most of the patterns out there use 6 petal repeats.   A minor detail I know, but it’s nice to be accurate!

You can use these for whatever you like really.  I’m thinking of making a few more and then displaying on mirrored glass along with leaves as a centrepiece for a table.  Or adding a few rows to turn it into squares for a cushion…

water lily

Image source: flickr.

Thank you to Esther for this article inspiration and featured image. 

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