[Free Pattern] Modern And Stylish Granny Blanket

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Stunning design! The pattern is written for a crochet blanket with a finished size of approximately 42″ X 60″. I love how outlining such bright colors with the black make the colors pop out even more. Granny’s Vibe by Teresa Wakefield with such a creative design and such vibrant colors, looks like a very fun pattern to make.



 I love this modern take on the granny square. You can use as many colors as you want and like in this stylish granny blanket.


Worsted-weight or DK-weight yarn (6 oz skeins) –

  • 12 oz Black,
  • 6 oz each of at least 6 different saturated colors.

Crochet Hook Size G for DK
Crochet Hook Size I for Worsted

Color Sequence: 2 rows color, 1 row black.


Thanks to Teresa Wakefield for this article inspiration and featured image.

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16 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Modern And Stylish Granny Blanket”

  1. Nancy, I always link the pattern’s page to the name of the pattern. The name is easy to recognize because it always starts with capital letters and it’s usually followed by the name of the person who wrote the pattern. It’s also only 1 line under the words and not 2 lines, and the color is a bit different. Sometimes , you can find the pattern in the word : Source, as well and in the credits for the photos , if applies. Hope this helps.

  2. How many chain st should be left at the end of the foundation row. I chained 188 and end w/one chain after a two groups of 3dc, and it didn’t seem right to me to end that way w/3dc ch 3 dc.

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