[Free Pattern] Lil\’ Cute And Cuddly Baby Unicorn

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This little baby is deliciously awesome! Lil' Cute Baby Unicorn by Rachel Hoe is a cute little toy to crochet if you've been wanting to make something adorable and a project to use up all your leftover scrap yarn. The only problem with making this sweet baby is that you want to keep making them! So very cute and fun!

Jaster wanted her unicorn to be different from the previous one I made. She wanted it to be unique. So I thought of trying to create my own unicorn instead of using back the same pattern. I’ve also decided to change the colors for this unicorn. I want this unicorn to be sweet and vulnerable (just like a little baby). Pink never fails to give the sweet and adorable feeling. I search my stash box to find other colors that will go well with pink, and I ended up choosing red and off-white. What do you think? 🙂 (Source)

LYFlilbabyunicorn_medium2Image source: Rachel

Thanks to Rachel Hoe for article inspiration and featured image.

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13 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Lil\’ Cute And Cuddly Baby Unicorn”

    1. Michelle, I added the link to the name of the pattern: Lil’ Cute Baby Unicorn. (first line or second line on your lap-top/mobile). Sorry, it was missing , you’re right! Thanks for noticing!

  1. I turned the unicorn into a pony for my baby. My mane is an 18 ch base with 10 ch loops all the way around 3 loops at each end of the base using 5mm hook and 2 strands of yarn.

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