[Free Pattern] Quick Slipper Pattern For Beginner Knitter

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A quick and easy one day project that suits even a beginner knitter! Mrs. Fisher's Slippers by Kiki Christie is a fun, cute little pattern. The slippers work up very quickly and are very stretchy and cozy to wear. You can choose to decorate your slippers with buttons or flowers if you wish.

I call these Mrs Fisher's slippers because I knitted a very similar pair when I was in grade four during an extra-curricular craft class, which really means that this is simply my own variation of an easy slipper pattern that's been around for a very long time indeed. My teacher (Mrs F) was an infinitely patient, bespectacled lady who obviously could knit with her eyes closed and I was NOT a very skilled knitter at the time. I suspect she got a little tired of me asking her over and over to explain how to purl, heh. So I feel really accomplished when I can knit these up in a couple of hours.. See what I did, Mrs F?

slippers1Immage source: Kiki

Thanks to Kiki Christie for article inspiration and featured image.

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20 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Quick Slipper Pattern For Beginner Knitter”

    1. Hi Vicki, please click the name of the pattern to get to the pattern’s page: Mrs. Fisher’s Slippers. Hope this helps! 🙂

  1. Nice article! How and where is the pattern. I tried clicking on Ms. Fisher nothing happen. Want to tey pattern. What is pattern?

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