[Free Pattern] Incredibly Beautiful 12 Inch Lotus Flower Square

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With an incredibly interesting design, this very creative and well-written lotus flower square pattern offers lots of opportunity for colour play.

Lotus Pavilions by Helen Shrimpton is so lovely and so decorative, a 12 inch square pattern that is going to bring beauty, joy and inspiration in your life.

From the gorgeous flower in the center, that seem to be popping out from the square to  those pavilions that create such an interesting effect , this 12 inch  stunning square is a constant delight in every detail.


12” Afghan Square
Using worsted/Aran weight Yarn with
a 5.5mm hook.
Approx. 120 meters/130 yards of yarn needed.
Approx. 10” with Double Knitting and 4mm hook.
Approx. 110 meters/120 yards of yarn needed

[Free Pattern] Incredibly Beautiful 12 Inch Lotus Flower Square

Check out the original source for this 12 Inch Lotus Flower Square pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Crystals and Crochet

Thanks to Helen  for the article inspiration and featured image.

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