[Free Pattern] I Really Like This Hyperbolic Plane Crochet Pattern

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At what point are you a mathematician?? Did you know that mathematics can beautifully turn into spectacular crochet patterns?

Mathematics and crocheting go hand in glove, don’t they? You can use math to create beautiful designs for your home decor or even clothes!

This three dimensional item spatial structure crochet pattern is probably one of the most bizarre crochet projects I've ever seen.

With so many hyperbolic surfaces and no straight lines, makes you wonder what could it be?

The form is so interesting and different, but beautiful, looks like coral.

You may have read about the coral reef exhibitions, a project that started as a result of the work that Dr. Taimina did.

A hyperbolic surface is wavy and offers a sense of motion. It is not as flat or spherical, so at every point where there's an effect on this type of crochet work, it looks more like saddles than anything else–a reminder that life isn't always perfect and yet so beautiful!

Daina Taimina created the world’s first-ever crocheted hyperbolic plane made out of this type of material.

There's an article here, Taking crochet to a new plane where you'll find the free pattern for this crocheted Hyperbolic Plane by Daina Taimina.

From what I understand, Hyperbolic Crochet is a new form of math that uses the art of crochet to explore hyperbolic geometry and other forms.

This fabulous pattern is all about math and precision and stuff. Having fun yet? Happy crocheting!

[Free Pattern] I Really Like This Hyperbolic Plane Crochet Pattern
Hyperbolic Geometry free crochet pattern/ Via Ravelry
Thanks to Daina Taimina for this article's inspiration.

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