[Free Pattern] This Drop Stitch Scarf Looks Great In Variegated Yarn

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Do you know how it is when you go out for a walk with a friend and suddenly see someone with a scarf that you instantly love? Check this scarf out! Gorgeous is the least you can say about it! The Easy Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern is designed by Christine Vogel of Frazzled Knits.

This scarf uses a horizontal drop stitch or seafoam pattern. It is fun and easy to make, and looks beautiful in a variegated yarn. It is well suited to yarns that are a little slippery or silky.

After wearing, my scarf (made with 273 yards of Handmaiden Lady Godiva) is about 70 inches/178cm long, and 5 inches/13 cm wide along the length with the garter stitch ends about 7 inches/18 cm wide.

This drop stitch pattern looks great in variegated yarn as it showcases the yarn and gives it a “stained glass” look.

scarf 2

Apparently it’s much easier to knit with the straights than on circular needles. Pattern is really quick, is quite addictive, and doesn't use a lot of yarn.

Here are a couple of finished projects that turned out beautifully, don't you think?


Image source alpaca meadows



Image source Thanks to Christine Vogel for this article inspiration and images.

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43 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Drop Stitch Scarf Looks Great In Variegated Yarn”

  1. Fooled again…I like it and think it’s crochet (says from “Daily Crochet.com”) and **brrraaap** it’s a knit pattern! Not saying I couldn’t still make it…but I likes me crochet better….

  2. Geez, I thought that this was a very interesting crochet pattern but I guess it’s not…..just the same old knit “drop stitch” I love my crochet even though I can knit. Knitting is very expensive, needs too many needles for projects you want to make and, God forbid, you drop a stitch! I’ll take crochet anytime over knitting.

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