[Free Pattern +Video Tutorial] I Am Totally In Love With This Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

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Have you ever made a round ripple baby afghan? This fantastic Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket pattern  by Celeste Young it's awesome and clever at the same time and you can make it as big or as small as you want and in any color combination you want. The baby blanket in the shape of a 12-point star has a finished size of approximately 45” diameter from point to point.

There are like a million baby blanket patterns out there, but I wanted to avoid doing a granny one, as I've already made about a million granny projects in my short crochet career. After a quick search of Raverly (and a poll of my Facebook friends), I decided on this pattern, the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket (which is free!). I was drawn to it because it looks quite complicated, but it's exactly just loads of triple crochets. I loved the colour progression and the shape, so I went for it.

I went for as close to the same colour scheme as the original pattern suggested. I knew they were having a baby girl, but I love this pattern because it's a mix of all baby type colours and perfect if the parents aren't too into having majorly gendered baby things. I went for Stylecraft Aran in the colours lavender, cloud blue, aspen, lemon, fondant and cream, and then Caron Simply Soft in light country peach, as Stylecraft didn't have a good peach colour in their Aran range.( Source)

Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the video tutorial.

rippple baby blanketImage source: Kim

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