• [Free Pattern] 13 Beautiful Free Crochet Patterns For Long Scarves & Infinity Scarves

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    If you’ve been trying to figure out the perfect scarf pattern for you, here is a selection of 13  gorgeous free crochet patterns for long and infinity scarves. The original article, found on Crochet Concupiscence, has a list of 35 terrific crochet patterns for long scarves, infinity scarves, scarflettes and crochet cowls, free and paid.
    So, that being said, please go to the next page to see the 13 free scarf patterns I chose for you. Enjoy!

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    13 Beautiful Free Crochet Patterns For Long Scarves & Infinity Scarves


    1. Third Loop HDC Ribbed Crochet Scarf free pattern from @creativejmom

    This scarf may be “simple” but it's gorgeous! And it's exactly what you need in a windy day.The half-double crochet stitch is simply beautiful!

    Crocheting a luxurious looking ribbed scarf for a man or boy in your life can be oh so simple with the right yarn and one very simple crocheting technique that you may not have tried. What might that be you ask? Well, I'll let you in a little technique, namely crocheting half double crochet stitches using the “third loop” of the previous row of half double crochet stitches. 

    crochet ribbed scarf free pattern

    Image source.

    2.Crochet and Loom Flower free scarf pattern from @byhaafner

    This is by far my most favorite scarves of all! It looks so delicate, feminine, it's all about Daisies. It is creative with beautiful colors.A really beautiful combination of flower looming and crochet.

    I have a confession to make. About a new love. Yes. I'm in love with my flower loom. It yields such lovely retro-esque results. And what's more, it combines very smoothly with my other love: The crochet hook. Match made in heaven.

    crochet loom flower scarf

    Image source.

    3. Crocodile Crochet Stitch Infinity Scarf Free Pattern @redheartyarns

    This is a very versatile stitch that can be incorporated in a variety of project. It looks gorgeous and so does this scarf!

    This is an intermediate level crochet pattern. It requires knowledge of the crocodile crochet stitch, which is an advanced stitch, but there are no increases or other advanced shaping techniques required.


    • Red Heart Super Saver Economy: 1 skein each Purple Tones A and Monet Print B

    • Susan Bates Crochet Hook: 5mm [US H-8]


    crochet scarf pattern

    Image source.


    4. Ripple crochet scarf free pattern @UCrafter

    There is just something about this scarf. The design, the colors, the  all thing ….is just beautiful!

    There’s also something about ripples and stripes. The color changes highlight the peaks and valleys, so naturally, stripes and ripples pair well. Until, of course, you get to the ends. No one likes weaving in ends, and color changes mean more ends to weave in. But with Cascade Casablanca, you can let the yarn do the striping for you.

    ripple crochet scarf

    Image source.


    5. Free crochet scarf pattern from @mooglyblog

    I fell inlove with the design as soon as I saw it! Truly stunning pattern! It's classy, it's elegant and makes you stands out from the crowd .

    I am so crazy excited to share this scarf pattern with you! It’s a stitch pattern that I have absolutely fallen in love with, and dubbed Neptune’s Arrow. I hope you all like it too, because I can’t wait to use it in more patterns! But let’s get things started with the debut pattern – Neptune’s Arrow Scarf!

    crochet scarf pattern

    Image source.


    6. Reversible crochet scarf free pattern @fiberflux

    Very interesting, thick looking scarf .  I love the texture in this scarf and the two colors really makes it a dynamic accessory

    The Every Man Scarf is luxurious, warm and elegant with just a bit of color. Crochet one up for someone special or perhaps for yourself! This beautiful scarf is completely reversible too, revealing a different look on either side. Easy stitches and thicker yarn make the Every Man Scarf a super quick project too.


    crochet scarf pattern


    Image source.


    7. Crochet infinity scarf free pattern @jessie_athome

    Truly beautiful scarf with such an interesting design. Looks simple to do and I like how Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala is integrated in this pattern. 

    I love those big infinity scarves with solid sections and open sections. Chained to Infinity is my version of one of those fun scarves. It has alternating angled single crochet sections and chain sections. I made my sample in a color that is similar to Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala.

    crochet infinity scarf pattern

    Image source.

    8. Easy crochet infinity scarf free pattern @mamainastitch

    This spring scarf is perfect for beginners as it is done in single crochet only.  It gets its lacy look from using a large hook with a tiny yarn.  Well, it’s not that tiny, just a light yarn (size 3).  This one is done in a cotton blend (I used Bernat Cotton-ish in Lemon Twill), because cotton is what I prefer in warm weather. 

    crochet scarf pattern

    Image source.

    9. Chunky popcorn scarf free pattern from Hopeful Honey

    crochet scarf free pattern


    Image source.

    10. Tunisian crochet skinny scarf free pattern @acreativebeing

    tunisian crochet skinny scarf free pattern 2


    Image source.

    11. Crochet color blocked scarf two weeks free pattern from @rescuedpaw

    color blocked crochet free scarf pattern


    Image source.


    12. Curlicue crochet scarf free pattern from Bella Crochet

    free crochet scarf pattern


    Image source.


    13. Free crochet scarf pattern @fiberflux who also has some great Crochet scarf sizing tips

    crochet scarf pattern

    Image source.


    Thanks to Crochet Concupiscence for this article's inspiration. For 22 more crochet scarf and cowl patterns, visit Crochet Concupiscence.

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