[Free Pattern] Get Your MoJo Back With This Spectacular Flowers In The Snow Blanket

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This blanket is spectacular. I love the way the joining yarn makes its own patterns in the corners so the whole blanket pop with colors. The little explosions of color is brilliant, no two circles are alike and you will be able to use up all your leftover yarns. Flowers in the snow by Solveig Grimstad is a simple and soothing pattern with a very detailed tutorial and stunning results.

Some projects feel nearly perfect. The pattern is simple and soothing, the components easy to create and quick to pile up, stacks of them flying off the hook every time you sit down to work. There are few hiccups, and fewer feelings of frustration or boredom. For me, the GB's flowers-in-the-snow blanket has been this kind of project. I adored making this blanket, not least because I was making it for my adored little girl. But I loved it for itself too – it was a happy project – colorful, creative and made with new techniques. (Source)

Flowers in the snow

Image source: Jennifer

Thanks to Solveig for this article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. Hi, thanks for featuring my blanket in this post. I appreciate that you credited my words and photo with a link back to my blog, but in the future, I’d love to discuss the use of my content first. You can email me through my blog. Thank you very much.

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