• [Free Pattern] This Ballband Dishcloth Is Beautiful Worked In Solids And Variegated

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    Here is a fun little patter that you can use as a desk drawer project for lunchtime knitting at work. This Ballband Dishcloths by Peaches & Creme Design Team it’s expandable to a lot of things besides dishcloths. Is great to be used as washcloths in the bath and shower since they are very soft and comfy or you can make some really nice ballband-textured pillow covers. This staggered brick pattern would also make a nice looking set of place mats for the table.

    This is the free website link to the original pattern for Ballband Dishcloths, featured in the Mason Dixon Knitting Book by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne, the founders of

    This pattern is beautiful worked in solids and variegated. Endless combinations of colors and variegated. (Source)

    When making dishcloths, you can easily make a pair and reverse the colors and get a whole new look.

    In my quest to leisurely finish knitting Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving, I decided that I’d knit a couple of dishcloths for a friend who bought a new house this year. In Mason-Dixon Knitting, Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner write “Despite being the simplest thing in the world to make, a knitted dishcloth is something you can…send to a faraway friend for a housewarming present.” (p. 20)

    Him being a guy, I needed some that did not have pink in them. And I wanted to check out the stash, which fortunately had bits and skeins of 100% non-mercerized cotton and cotton/linen blends. Surely a couple of these wouldn’t take long. I used the freebie Ballband dishcloth pattern  (rav link) found on some Peaches and Creme yarn or in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. (Source)

    Ballband DishclothImage source: Revknits

    Featured image source: ravelry

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    1. It’s about halfway down the page – there’s a Ravelry link to a KNIT pattern! 🙁 I thought this page at least knew the difference between knit and crochet!