• Fabulous Troll Crochet Hat Pattern [Free Pattern]

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    What an amazing pattern!This fabulous troll crochet hat pattern called Poppy Hat by Tawnya Myers brings the joy and charm of Princess Poppy to any girl that’s wearing it! This crochet hat is an absolute work of art and is fabulous in every little detail. Even the hair stands up perfectly! This pattern is available in 3 different sizes:6-12 months, toddler and small child(1-4) and child (5-10).


    Fabulous Troll Crochet Hat Pattern

    Pink, Dark pink, green


    Tape measure tape

    bristle brush

    white, black, blue

    Hook- 5mm(H)


    Stitch markers

    Fabulous Troll Crochet Hat Pattern [Free Pattern]

    Check out the original source for this technique with all the directions and even more tips at: Just crafting around

    Thanks to Tawnya Myers for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    9 Comments to Fabulous Troll Crochet Hat Pattern [Free Pattern]

    1. Phyllis Piatt

      I, too, was confused with the stitch, but just went ahead with what I thought it might be and it turned out fine… thank you for sharing your hard work and your pattern!

    2. Diane fraser

      Hi I would like to crochet the trolls hat I have started it twice and unpicked it I’m confused does it mean go through 3 st of hdc on every row and not through just the 2 please help just learning to crochet

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