[Free Pattern] Excellent Dishcloth That Comes Out Square And Lays Flat

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If you love reversible patterns, here is a pattern for you. This Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus looks great and the texture is so interesting. The pattern is easy to remember and the finished product looks like you spent lots of time and effort on it. Exquisite! It is a great pattern for scarves too! They look amazing! Any beginner knitter who makes this simple pattern looks like is a super star knitter!

An excellent scarf or dishcloth pattern! Dishcloths that comes out square and lay flat – scarves that look great or male or female – an excellent pattern for making gift-giving scarves! Both sides are beautiful, so this makes a great reversible pattern. The stitch pattern is a multiple of 3 +1 – so cast on any amount you want and get the same great look! Looks great in solids, ombres and stripes!

Double BumpImage source: Flickr

Thanks to Missy Angus for article inspiration and featured image.

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