• [Free Pattern] Everyone Likes This Minions Blanket!

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    This is a beautiful blanket! It is funny, unique and smiley! The Minions Blanket by Milena Irshad is a fabulous gift for any minion fan. The blocks were made separately and then joined. This afghan is easy to make and suitable for beginners. The blanket, made for charity, is aprox.  125 x 100 (cm x cm).

    The measurements are app. 125/100 sm. But if you need another size you should calculate the size of blocks and depend f your yarn, to calculate the number of a stitches.

    For that afghan I crochet 20 blocks – 7 yellow, 7 white and 6 blue. But if you prefer another diagram you may crochet a different number of color blocks.  (Source)


    Image source: Milena

    Thanks to Milena for article inspiration and featured image.

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