[Free Pattern] Crochet Filigree Bowl

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This truly awesome crochet filigree bowl is a quick and delightful project. This Filigree Bowl by Linda Permann is a great gift for any time of the year and the stiffening part is so much fun! What's really awesome is that you can shape these to any shape bowl you want.

A guaranteed conversation-starter, this chunky starched bowl makes a stunning display piece. Craft one for yourself, or gift it to someone special.

Gauge: Rounds 1 and 2 = 2 1/2”/6.5cm diameter.

crocheted bowl 2Image source: brileyknits

 I made it with Pisgah article 960 (size 5 crochet cotton) in faded denim. This was a super quick project I made in one afternoon. It needs a fabric stiffener to help it hold it's shape. Once dry it's a beautiful piece to display. I use it as a catch all for my keys & phone, and other items by my front door. Source: brileyknits

Featured image: Linda Permann .

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28 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Crochet Filigree Bowl”

  1. Homemade Stiffener: Combine 2 cups sugar and 1
    cup water in saucepan. Heat on stove just until sugar is
    dissolved. Be careful as solution is very hot! Remove pan
    from heat and soak crocheted bowl in solution. Let cool
    slightly. With tongs, remove crocheted bowl from saucepan
    and drape over mixing bowl, shaping as desired. Once
    piece has sufficiently cooled, shape bowl further with
    fingers. Let dry for at least 3 days. When thread returns to
    normal color, bowl is stiffened and ready for use.

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